Important Message

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This is an important message concerning all sangat

Corona Virus (Covid-19) – Gurdwara Closure

Further to the previous announcement, the Council of Gurdwaras in Manchester have today, 22nd March 2020, collectively decided to close all the five Gurdwaras in Manchester for the safety of our beloved Sangat including the resident Giani jis until further notice.

The resident Granthis of the respective Gurdwaras will conduct Parkash and Nitnem in the morning, and Rehraas Saab Path and Sukhasan Seva in the evening.

During this time if any member of the Sangat require assistance of any sort, especially the elderly and international students, kindly get in contact with your respective Gurdwara committee. We again hope that members of the Sangat will understand and co-operate in the efforts to shield the community and contribute to the national effort to get through this difficult time.

As agreed by executives of:
– Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, Upper Chortlon Road, Manchester
– Guru Harkrishan Gurdwara, Sherborne Street, Manchester
– Dashmesh Sikh Temple, Heywood Street, Manchester
– Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurdwara, Monton Street, Manchester
– Sri Guru Singh Sabha (Central) Gurdwara, Derby Street, Manchester

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